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Printing’s Twilight


Printing was once something that dominated the world of advertising and literature alike. A system that survived for thousands, perhaps millions of years as a way for humans to describe what they saw and share it for future generations. Now, print has given way to the digital age, and while it still holds true to what it was originally designed to do, the world that we live in and print is much different than it was.

As someone that has seen the decline of print publishing, I can safely say that there are both good and bad aspects. On one hand, you get a lot less waste both during the process and after the piece is being read, but on the negative side you get people glued to screens much more often than simply reading physical copies of books.

Future considerations

Is the fact that we are spending more and more time in front of screens rather than reading physical copies of things a good or bad thing? Well it’s both. Our lives have changed in such a way that we do not have as much time to sit down with a good book, and must often get our news on the run. Our phones have reached heights that are almost unimaginable, and print has followed suit.

Print may be in its twilight, but that is only because the world has pushed it that way. If people are willing to sit down and take time out of the business of life, print may once again serve a purpose.

A good example


In previous articles we have discussed that the shape of business is forcing people to advertise more to a digital demographic through online advertising. What this does is create a way for people to more easily find your services and a great way to post information in a paperless and easy way. Now, what this does for many local companies is much different, especially ones that have been in business long before the internet.

Take for example Garage Door Repair Flower Mound. This is a company that has been in business for more than twenty years and most of their customers are people that have used their services for just about as long. This is a new addition to an existing site that had to be added in order to compete with other companies.

Staying ahead

Let’s face it, in this current business landscape, it’s adapt or die. Even companies that do not deal with online services must make these services available to their customers. People simply do not have time to call around for the best deal in garage door repair, so links such as must be created in order to help people more easily find their services.

People lead busy lives, which means that their information must be easily accessed, or they will simply go somewhere else. Advertising is just as much about reading people as it is pushing a product, and realizing that print advertising is on the way out is the first step in entering the 21st century.


For some it may be unfortunate, but even companies that do not deal with online products and services must realize that people are living in a much more digital world. By adapting now, it will save a great deal of money and effort in the future.

Online is king


As someone that has worked in print advertising for more than ten years, I know how it has helped shape the current state of commerce. I remember a time when there was no Internet, and moreover a time when online advertising worked in tandem with print advertising to reach the highest volume of customers possible.

Today, the landscape is much different and I have realized that online advertising has become king, primarily because online shopping has become king. With companies such as Amazon and Google dominating the online landscape, they have sort of become the arbiters of what advertising is deemed successful, and online advertising just happens to be what the name of the game is.

The shape of things to come

In the future, the online advertising and shopping industries will continue to grow to a point where print advertising might be a thing of the past. Think of the last time you not only saw a print advertisement, but a print publication in general. People for the most part do not get their news from newspapers, which means any advertisements therein will go ignored.

The future business landscape is one where everything will be digital, largely in part to two of the richest companies in the world who will continue to dictate where advertising will go next. In order to stay ahead of the curve, companies must realize that while print advertising still has a small place in commerce, that online advertising will become a necessity that all companies will need to adhere to.

Professional Ads


As someone that has long followed the history of print advertising, I know that it is slowly being phased out by digital advertising. It does not hold the power that it once did, but it still has its place in the business world, especially when it comes to local companies. Talking to a colleague of mine at a local moving company site,, I learned that maintaining a professional advertising campaign must be done with print advertising combined with online advertising.

The reasons for this has to do primarily with the demographic. As a moving company, local residents and companies must be reached, and some of those people residents usually, are not connected to a computer or digital device. Think about people that are looking to move, they are often not online much and must be reached in different manners. This is where print advertising comes in handy.

Knowing your audience

In today’s business world, there are a number of customers each with different needs, and different ways in which people are being reached. Digital campaigns are great for people that are a bit younger in age, while older individuals are better served with print advertising. It is for this reason that we must take both approaches in advertising campaigns for maximum effectiveness. As stated before, print in general is being overtaken by digital, but it still has its place.

We are dedicated to helping people implement the most successful advertising campaigns imaginable through our creative analytics and knowing what people want. In order to advertise in this world, it takes much more than just a quality service, it takes a lot of thought and experimentation in order to find the right combination of advertising that leads to success. For your next advertising campaign, think of how print and digital can be used together for maximum results.