Monthly Archives: July 2016

To whom to advertise


There is always the question in publishing of to whom the product is being advertised. There are so many things that go into who and what to advertise that is often difficult to stay on message. In the instance of one of my previous clients,, the answer was that everyone was the target audience, yes, I said that correctly, everyone.

Now the problem with advertising to everyone is that is gets more difficult to target your advertisements. It’s sort of a jack of all trades master of none type of situation where advertising to one demographic reduces the effectiveness of the advertisement on a different one. It becomes sort of a cat and mouse where you are trying to maximize the effectiveness without losing too many other clients.

The complicated reality

This being one of the most difficult advertisement campaigns I’ve ever encountered, I have found that it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy, but you can at least find enough overlap wherein you can get a good audience. Many customers prefer print advertising, while others prefer digital ads, which in itself makes it difficult to make everyone happy.

You then run into the debate on where to allocate your resources, which takes a great deal of market research which equals a great deal of time and money. So in order to properly balance the two, you must do a lot of guesswork or spend the money to do this detailed market research, which is what I would recommend. By doing this, you not only get an idea of who is interested in your product and how to appeal to them for your advertising campaign, but you also have some information that can prove useful in the future. Analytics may be the first step to a modern successful ad campaign.