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The art gallery features works by artists and photographers from around the world to bring you a wide selection of fine-art prints, posters and photography.

Try arranging the positioning of the artworks on the floor before actually putting any hooks in the wall. This allows you unlimited freedom and ease in trying out different arrangements. As a general rule hang pictures so that the centres are 5 1/2 feet from the floor. Break this rule if the space dictates for example on a staircase. Three pictures when hung side by side give a harmonious effect, especially when they reinforce other parallel lines in the room. Also consider hanging pictures in diagonal, circular, triangular, or rectangular geometric groupings for added interest.

"True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist." - Albert Einstein


Subjects and Themes

Art Prints are an inexpensive way to add style and colour to any room and integrate your passion into your décor. Whether your passion is dance, sports, or fashion, create framed groupings, such as your favourite framed botanicals, or other related images to convey your interest and create a stylish gallery effect. When selecting mats choose a colour that’s depicted in the picture - landscapes and seascapes mount beautifully on pale or medium greens and blues, respectively; while black-and-white photography and fine art look great on shades of white. Frames should complement the picture, not overwhelm it. Think about the picture’s colour and the style. Bear in mind, too, both the time period and artist’s intention - they’ll help to evoke the effect you’re going for.



Your art selections will tell others a lot about your personal style. Whether it be originals, fine art prints, or photography that you prefer, art can help transform a space and pull a home interior together beautifully. When selecting art pieces a good place to start is with the room colours you want to accent. The creation of wall groups can be a fun and interesting way to decorate a home. This can be done with art pieces of all sizes and subjects. Dress up a wall by adding a tight grouping of your favourite pictures. Pull your chosen colour into the matting and frames, but vary the width and style of the frames to add variety. Try white lacquered frames with white mat board against a brightly coloured wall. There will be a nice contrast while creating a cohesive focal point. If you are dealing with a plain white or beige wall, consider matting all artwork using the same accent colour. Even if the art isn’t related, a gallery will be created through the mat board.   Art is easily changeable to suit the season, a special occasion or your mood. If you find you run out of wall space to display your ever growing collection start a "revolving" gallery and rotate your art every 6 months, yearly or with the change of season.

Limited Editions


The photography collection contains the work of many great photographers and celebrates the rich diversity of unique photographic subject matter including Nature, Travel, Sports, Black and White photography, and more. Display enlarged photos properly framed and matted. When displaying your photos it is best to group all black and white or all Colour photos together. Groupings look better if the photos have a common subject matter e.g. a series of waterfalls, flowers etc. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is having too many photo frames on a wall. You should have at least two inches of wall showing between each of your photos for your display to look organized and neat. Don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes with photo frames on one wall. Placing two larger frames in a diagonal can be enhanced with two smaller pictures placed in the opposite direction diagonally. Mixing up sizes creates interest in the wall.

Ansel Adams

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