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Professional Ads


As someone that has long followed the history of print advertising, I know that it is slowly being phased out by digital advertising. It does not hold the power that it once did, but it still has its place in the business world, especially when it comes to local companies. Talking to a colleague of mine at a local moving company site,, I learned that maintaining a professional advertising campaign must be done with print advertising combined with online advertising.

The reasons for this has to do primarily with the demographic. As a moving company, local residents and companies must be reached, and some of those people residents usually, are not connected to a computer or digital device. Think about people that are looking to move, they are often not online much and must be reached in different manners. This is where print advertising comes in handy.

Knowing your audience

In today’s business world, there are a number of customers each with different needs, and different ways in which people are being reached. Digital campaigns are great for people that are a bit younger in age, while older individuals are better served with print advertising. It is for this reason that we must take both approaches in advertising campaigns for maximum effectiveness. As stated before, print in general is being overtaken by digital, but it still has its place.

We are dedicated to helping people implement the most successful advertising campaigns imaginable through our creative analytics and knowing what people want. In order to advertise in this world, it takes much more than just a quality service, it takes a lot of thought and experimentation in order to find the right combination of advertising that leads to success. For your next advertising campaign, think of how print and digital can be used together for maximum results.

Good writing versus bad writing


As a writer I am often asked the difference between good and bad writing. And while there is no doubt that the divide is pretty subjective, there are some things that make good writers even if you do not consider any of the mechanics. Mark Twain once said “I would rather be friends with a good conversationalist than a good writer”, and this pretty much sums up what makes a good writer, and that is the ability to deliver a clear message without too much filler.

In much of the writing (online mostly), you get a lot of filler and fluff pieces that do not offer a lot of substance. This is largely because of the sheer volume of information out there, but it extends far beyond that of the scope of content available.

The real problem

The real problem is that oftentimes, people do not know exactly what their message is or who it is for. People that are looking for specific instructions or information can simply perform a search, and the top result is likely from a pretty credible source. So what you get with smaller companies is them trying to compete with these sites rather than simply producing quality content.

A good writer should know exactly what they are saying and who they are saying it to. You have your topic, now figure out the best way to deliver it without worrying about it being super clever, witty, or appealing to the search engines. Bad writers will often simply try to use keywords to draw readers in, but good writers will give their message clearly.

Publishing with intent


It is no secret that publishing, at least in the form of print is an industry that is largely on the decline. Most everyone is switching to digital print, and with good cause. However, even in today’s day and age, publishing still has many benefits, but they are a little more difficult to find. During my years as a publisher, my company was forced to publish a lot of material.

It did not matter at the time, because virtually everything was published, whether it was good or not. However, today we need to take a closer look at what gets published and the audience to which we are trying to sell it. The days of publishing just anything are far gone, and now we must adjust.

Only the best

What I mean by this, is finding the things worth publishing and pushing them harder into print. Digital copy has its benefits, but at the end of the day, good works should be tangible, able to be put up on the shelf and displayed. We can do this by selecting only the best works to be published and knowing our audience.

In essence, publishing in the traditional sense is not dead, but rather needs to be re-evaluated in order to fit into the modern landscape. Those interested in publishing should take a good look at their work and decide whether it should be digital or not, while keeping in mind that print publishing is a small demographic that should be used sparingly.

The power of print


As someone that grew up with print, I became familiar with its place in society and saw it as a viable way to transmit information from person to person. However, as time went on, I saw print becoming less and less popular, giving way to a new form of advertising in the form of digital. However, I have also found that despite my best efforts, a pure digital advertising campaign simply wasn’t enough.

Because of the ways in which advertising can affect people, I found out that print advertising was a crucial way to reach a specific demographic of people. It is not so much about the audience, since older consumers respond better to print, but it was also the demographic of people that were not technologically savvy that print advertising helped reach.

Expanding on the idea

What I found as a fan of print advertising was that it helped propel the campaigns with which I was involved to brave new heights. I found that not only was I better able to reach a wider variety of customers, but that people responded well to print advertising. They wrote letters saying how grateful they were that a company still valued print advertising and gave them a better way to remember the products and services.

Once you see digital advertisements, they are essentially useless. Print advertisements can be kept around as a constant reminder of the product, lending even more credibility not only to the company but the advertising campaign itself.

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