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Choosing the right colours for Kid's Rooms

Selecting the right paint colours for your children's rooms can be a challenge. You want your kids to feel safe, comfortable, stimulated and most of all happy in their environment.

Fortunately, this task just got a lot easier thanks to the experts at Scio Paints. They've developed a special palette of colours dedicated to children's rooms to reflect their different stages of development. Parents can select customized colour schemes from age-specific collections ranging from baby rooms to teens.

According to Dominique Pepin, member of the Colour Marketing Group and Senior Brand Manager at Scio, there are certain colour options that best suit your children's rooms at the different stages of their lives.

"It's important to reflect your child's developing personality and evolving tastes with colours in their room." she explained.

Here's a helpful guide on what to look for:

Babies and toddlers 0-4 years

Pepin recommends you blend hues of pink with a hint of orange for your infant's room so they can feel serene, secure, and warm. Similar effects are achieved by combining soft blues with yellows. To stimulate your baby's senses paint shapes on the ceiling and create mobiles with flowers, butterflies, toys and other decorative trinkets.

Children's 5-10 years

"Here, the colour scheme can be designed to reflect the child's favourite theme: characters, sports, leisure activities, animals, etc.," explained Pepin. In a boy's room, blue usually gets the nod while girls tend to prefer feminine colours such as violet and pink. By age five, vivid, contrasting colours should be considered to foster curiosity and stimulate the imagination.

Teens 11-17 years

Teenagers change the vocation of the bedroom. By adolescence their space tends to become a study room, as well as an entertainment room. That means it is time for colours that are bold, vivid and true. "Teenagers love strong, dark, intense colours like red, fuchsia, and navy blue...colours that reflect their personality," Pépin added. "Young people also identify closely with nature. Many have a highly-developed ecological conscience and this interest can serve well when choosing colours." For example, the new grass green is also a strong influence by yellows creates a more luminous, joyful atmosphere.

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