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Cultural Decorating Trends Welcomes Moroccan Home Décor

The trend of culturally inspired decorating has become more and more popular. People use influences from all over the world to decorate their homes. Over time, Asian and Spanish inspirations have evolved to become two of the most popular decorating trends in the world; however, new cultural influences are beginning to pop up everywhere. One of these trends is Moroccan home decor.

The Moroccan style is derived from Hispanic-Moorish style influences. It has appeared as a new trend in design and decoration and has become popular in cities in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The popularity of Moroccan home décor has increased due in part by the renovations of Riads in Marrakech, a city in west-central Morocco based in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house that accentuates an interior garden. Moroccan home décor is unique in the fact that it brings together influences from Africa, Hispanic nations and Europe.

One of the great things about Moroccan home décor is the fact that most of the pieces are handcrafted. These items are not factory produced. They are individually crafted to make sure they are made of the utmost quality. From handcrafted tables and lamps to unique quilts and rugs, these Moroccan treasures add a touch of culture and historical ambiance to any room.

Some of the most classic pieces of Moroccan home decor would be the various types of hand-woven rugs. These Moroccan style rugs are commonly known as handmade kilims and come in many different designs and colours. Traditional kilims are handmade by women from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. To make these kilims, the women use a variety of stitches and different arrangements of
triangles, rectangles and other shapes to make the design.

Most kilims come in the traditional black and red Moroccan colours, however there are kilims that come in different colours. A nice aspect of a kilim is that it can be used as an area rug, but it can also be hung on the wall to decorate any room.

To go along with the handmade kilims, Moroccan style furniture is another great feature to add. Moroccan style furniture is not your typical furniture. It is not plain wood stained to match other pieces in the room with a few fixtures. Typical Moroccan home décor is accentuated with bold colours and intricate designs. From ottomans and nightstands, to tables and mirrors, it is difficult to find two designs alike due to the unique and elaborate way the furniture is shaped.

While there are so many aspects to Moroccan themed decorating, it is worth discussing the many Moroccan ceramic pieces that are handcrafted. The ceramic accent pieces, available to accompany any other Moroccan style piece of furniture or rug, have an interesting antique look. The crafters often use metals and mirrors to draw attention to the shape and design of the ceramic piece. Again, bold colours and intricate designs are used making it difficult to find two pieces alike. These ceramic designs can be used as vases, watering pots, jewellery boxes and jars.

Whether you’re an interior designer or want to liven up an otherwise plain room, using Moroccan home décor can be relatively easy because there is no bad decision when it comes to choosing authentic Moroccan pieces. Using a decorative rug or ceramic fixture can easily brighten a boring room. This is why Moroccan style decorating has become so popular in the United States and many other countries.

Andy West

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