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Teen Decorating - How To Create A Bedroom You Both Will Love

When it comes to teen decorating there is much to consider as far as their bedroom is concerned. The reason for this is because before your bundle of joy grew into a teenager, the room they occupied was primarily designed to allow for safe playing and romping.

But now those days are about gone and your child thinks that he or she "is practically a grown up", and their bedroom is no longer a sandbox. It's their personal sanctuary.

As you well know, teens crave privacy, and they will spend large amounts of time buried in their room. So, it's important that you give them furnishings that will provide comfort. And they should be granted a certain degree of freedom to makeover their room as they see fit (of course, with your approval of their teen decorating choices).

The big difference between teen decorating and decorating for younger children is that teens are very self-conscious about how their bedrooms look. As such, they will want you to have as little involvement in their bedroom decorating choices as possible.

I know, I'll take you a little while to get used to this role, but it is important that you give your teen a good bit of freedom to make their own choices and grow.

Now, there's something else you should know. Most teen decorating themes are chosen for how they make the teen feel, rather than how it looks. Strange, but true.

Teenagers make a great effort to confound logic and order, and are at that stage where they are striving to be recognized as individuals. In decorating, they will do this by using what
most interests them to express themselves. And they will turn to these things when they need sanctuary, and wish to hibernate.

Therefore, while you may not completely understand or agree with their teen decorating selections, it's a good idea to just let them mature and grow in an environment that gives them solace and makes them feel comfortable.

Possible teen decorating ideas that your teen may enjoy include the following:

  • Vibrant paint colours for the walls

  • Fuzzy chairs

  • Area rugs

  • Daybeds

  • Beds with Trundles

  • Whacky shaped objects (lamps, clocks etc.)

  • Posters

  • Pictures of family and friends

  • Bookshelves

  • Mirrors

It's also quite common for teen decorating to include certain themes. Some of the most popular teen decorating themes tend to be:

  • Nature - wildlife, trees, plants, etc.

  • Entertainment - music, movies, etc.

  • Sports - baseball, football, hockey, etc.

Another thing you'll want to take into account when considering teen decorating is that studying will play a much bigger role in their lives. That being the case, if your teen does not have a computer in his or her room, you may want to seriously consider purchasing them one, because the vast majority of teens prefer studying and doing homework in their room compared to anywhere else.

Now, I shouldn't have to say it, but be very careful when it comes to the computer and your teen. You've probably heard horror stories about child predators lurking on the Internet. So, pay attention to what your teen does with their computer. Just because they think they are "practically adults", it doesn't mean they are mentally ready to make all adult decisions and handle the consequences.

In addition to the above, multi-function furniture such as stackable crates and bins are a great and inexpensive way for your teen to neatly store all of their items.

Although teen decorating may cause you moments of frustration and cringing, it is something that your child will enjoy, and is important to them. So, just bear with them. After all, it won't be long before they are off to college. Michael Holland kids-rooms-and-crafts

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