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The word "terracotta" comes from Latin and means "baked earth". The natural texture of terracotta provides the perfect canvas for the budding artist to bring extra colour and style into the garden or home.

Not an artist? Never mind terracotta pots can look just as stunning painted in a plain rich vibrant colour with a strong contrasting flower colour to offset them. For example - a bright blue pot planted with orange marigolds stands out in any setting.

For a mottled effect try painting your pot in a plain colour then use a small sea sponge to dab on a contrasting colour after the base colour has dried. For example a maroon coloured pot with cream or pink effects.

For other interesting effects try using cheesecloth, rag, crumpled paper, or bunched up plastic wrap dipped in paint to provide interesting textures and designs.

Before painting your pots they must be properly prepared.

The first thing to do is to seal the inside of the pot with sealer. This will prevent the paint on your finished pot from lifting due to water seepage through the walls of the pot.

Next apply a coat of white acrylic sealer to the outside of the pot to act as a base for your design making sure you apply the white sealer to the inside rim to where the soil level will come for a more finished look.

Now it is time to get creative.

Pencil on your design or alternatively use a stencil to trace the outline of your design. Paint on your colours using acrylic paints (test pots are ideal and come in a variety of colours).

Note: Stencils are available in a variety of motifs and designs from art and crafts supply stores. When painting with a stencil cut out use a short bristled brush and with a dabbing motion apply your paint. If using several colours have a separate brush for each colour you use. Or alternatively, if you are only using one colour use a small foam roller to apply the colour quickly and easily.

When dry, seal with one or two coats of matt finish polyurethane unless you want a highly glazed look in which case use a gloss polyurethane for the final coat.

When it comes to painting pots your imagination is your only limitation. The possibilities are endless. Painted pots make great gifts and are a fun way, especially for children, to make inexpensive gifts that are useful for plants or as a container for something else.

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