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Hibiscus NotecardOne of my hobbies is turning photographs of flowers and garden plants into scented greeting cards, bookmarks and note cards...

Flowers are an endlessly appealing subject, and todayís digital cameras make it easy to capture their beauty. Look for great colours, a flower in full bloom next to a bud, and donít shoot on windy days. Keep contrast and colour in mind at all times and try different compositions each time you take a shot. Flower photography can be a lot of fun especially when the flowers are your own.

Start by taking several pictures of the flowers you want to feature on the front of your cards. This way you can pick the ones with the sharpest images to use. The best time to take photos is early morning while the dew is still on the flowers and early evening when the colours of the flowers tends to be more vivid. Take your photographs against a dark background if possible. This brings out the image of the flower. A light background can appear lack lustre and faded.

You can use Microsoft Publisher to create your card using the greeting card wizard or Photoshop Elements. Simply scan your photo in from an existing print photo or straight from your digital camera. Use a good quality Photo Greeting Card Paper to print out your finished card.

Another idea is to cut four small silts into the card paper and slip the four corners of printed photo into these slits. This way people can take the photo out if they wish to keep them.

To scent the cards use a Pure Essential oil to match the fragrance of the flower or plant featured on the card.

For Example:

  • Rose essential oil with photos of roses

  • Lavender essential oil with photos of lavender

  • Geranium essential oil for photos of geraniums

and so on...

To scent your greeting card/s, simply place 2 drops of the appropriate essential oil (or blend of oils) onto a piece of blotting paper or cotton wool balls, then place in a zip lock plastic bag with the card that you want to fragrance. Seal and leave for 48 hours. When you remove the card it will be delicately fragranced.

You can also turn the same images into a range of bookmarks, writing paper, invitations, place cards etc

When finished, you can give your cards away as gifts to family and friends or to start a part-time scented greeting card business.

These cards sell on average for $10.00 for a pack of five plus postage and packaging here in New Zealand however, you may need to check out the current selling price in other countries and price accordingly.

To sell your cards advertise in gardening magazines or approach your local garden centre and ask if they would be interested in selling them on your behalf or sell online through auction sites, your own website or blog.

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