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Decorating is at the top of many home owner's to-do lists. Now more than ever, our homes are becoming an extension of who we are, and a great way to express that is to decorate. What do you see when you first enter a room? By drawing the eye to a visually inviting tableau, you set the tone for the whole space.

Focusing on a chosen decorating theme or style (traditional, contemporary, shabby chic, art deco, country, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Moroccan, South Western...) is one of the best places to start when planning a room's decor. Once you have established your decorating style art, colours, fabrics, lighting, furniture, rugs and accessories can then be chosen to complete the look and feel of the room.


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The Spa Inspired Bathroom - With the hectic lives we all lead, many of us are looking to add some relaxation time to our schedules. We spend money on resorts and exclusive spas, but what about adding a little more relaxation into your home? In today's busy world the bathroom has taken on a whole new role. It has gone from a functional sanitary place to a spa-like sanctuary. It is now the room of choice in which to relax, rejuvenate and recharge from our frenetic daily lives. Read

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Bedrooms fit for a dream - While the purchase of smaller homes is becoming more popular, large-scale master bedrooms continue to remain on-trend, as they offer an escape from the real world. Sue Rainville, director of marketing for Hunter Douglas, Canada's leading manufacturer of custom window fashions, provides the following tips on how to create the perfect retreat in your bedroom Read

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Kids room decor - Decorating a child's room is a challenge filled with variables - not the least of which is just how long the room's inhabitant will actually like walls decorated with fuzzy bunnies or fire engines. In fact, the one thing you can count on is that what your child loved as a toddler is most likely not what she'll want for her room's theme when she's a "big kid." While you want your child to be comfortable in his own space, you don't want to spend a mint if you know you're going to have to redo the room again in a few years. It makes sense to choose decorating options that are easy to change so that a room's decor can grow with your child. Read

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Contemporary home decor and design Contemporary home décor and design - Mixed up by modern? Confused by what's considered contemporary? With more emphasis on home design today, it can be difficult for homeowners to distinguish between the array of design styles. Contemporary (or "modern") is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without intricate details. But that doesn't mean your home will look stark, cold and sterile. Long gone are the days of boxy furniture and eccentric decorating. Today's updated contemporary look is a blend of comfortable, liveable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh feel. To create this look in your home, start by incorporating these five key elements: colour, metal accents, texture, wood tone and lighting. Read

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Decorating with blue and white - When a room starts to look dated, it's time to redecorate! Adding blue and white colours and patterns to a living room, bath or bedroom can make a striking statement, and give these rooms a fresh, yet timeless look. From deep navy to soft indigo, blue is a low-maintenance colour. Pairing it with white provides a workable and classic palette. Read

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Creating cottage style in your home Creating cottage style in your home - Nothing's harder to face than packing up your belongings after a week at a cosy beach house and heading back home to the real world. Sure, it's hard to leave paradise behind, but who says you have to? Why not just transform your own living space to a beach-inspired haven that lets you get away from it all, even if you aren't on vacation? It's easy and inexpensive to do. With some clever use of all those shells, beach glass and driftwood you've picked up during your travels, as well as scenic vacation photos and a little paint, you can transform your home into the ultimate beach cottage, creating an inviting, relaxing haven away from the real world outside your front door. Read

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