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Nature, Travel and Outdoor Photography

This section is for people who love to travel and take photos of our amazing world


Photography Collection

The photography collection encompasses award-winning and significant works by our world's most illustrious photographers, publications and prominent photography stock houses and celebrates the rich diversity of unique photographic subject matter including Nature, Travel, Sports, Black and White photography. Explore National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Associated Press and many more. All images are printed on archival photographic paper resulting in vivid, pure colour and exceptional detail that are suitable for museum or gallery display and available for purchase in multiple sizes.

Display enlarged photos properly framed and matted. When displaying your photos it is best to group all black and white or all colour photos together. Groupings look better if the photos have a common subject matter e.g. a series of waterfalls, flowers etc. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is having too many photo frames on a wall. You should have at least two inches of wall showing between each of your photos for your display to look organised and neat. Donít be afraid to mix and match sizes with photo frames on one wall. Placing two larger frames in a diagonal can be enhanced with two smaller pictures placed in the opposite direction diagonally. Mixing up sizes creates interest in the wall.

Featured Articles

Street Photography in Ecuador Street Photography in Ecuador - Every photographer will tell you that there is nothing greater than the excitement and thrill of capturing a feeling, an emotion or a story that they perceived in their mind when they lifted the camera to their eye. Equally so each photographer will tell you that they have a passion for one form or another of photography, portraiture's, landscapes, etc. etc. For me my passion for Street Photography evolved out of my daily experiences in Guayaquil, Ecuador and seeing the emotion, passion and nobility of her people. Read

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Tips for Macro Insect Photographers

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Photography in Africa

Photographing Dragonflies and Damselflies

Flower Photography Flower Photography - Flowers make excellent photographic subjects. In spring and summer they're colourful, beautiful and everywhere you look. Although they may look like one of the simplest forms of photography they can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. If you enjoy taking photos of flowers as much as I do then here are a few tips you might find helpful for taking great photos of flowers in their natural surroundings. Read

Photographing insects

Peru's Diversity Attracts Photographers

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Bird Digital Photography Tips

Five tips to improve your travel photography

Whale watching Whale Photography and Whale Watching - As a wildlife photographer, I have taken a few images of some of Nature's smallest creatures, like the incredible Hummingbirds, and her biggest, the Blue Whale - the largest animal living on our planet, ever. Cetaceans, the term used to describe porpoises, dolphins and whales, are mammals, just like ourselves. They are warm-blooded, have mammary glands to feed their young, possess a four chambered heart and have hairs on their bodies. Like all mammals, whales breathe oxygen. Read

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Photographing Butterflies Photographing Butterflies - Butterflies are fascinating, colourful creatures, which makes them so popular among any age group. Even people who are not necessarily involved in wildlife conservation seem to be attracted to these gorgeous insects. So let's assume that you have discovered a beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly in your backyard that you want to photograph. You have your camera ready. The Swallowtail is resting on a flower. There are two ideal positions that the butterfly can be in that will make it easier for you to get an excellent shot. I'm going to describe them and then give you a strategy for getting a great photo in each situation. Read

Macro photography in the Amazon Jungle of Peru

Take Great Action Photos

Photographing Landmarks: Find your Angle

Travel Photography: Photographing Cultures And People

Photographing Waterfalls

Photographing Waterfalls - The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela, South America. It measures 3.212 ft (979 meters). Getting a good photo of Angel Falls could be a challenge simply because it is so high. You have to get the right lens, probably a wide angle lens, and you must find the right position from which to shoot. This waterfall is nearly a kilometre in height. Not everyone wants to travel to Venezuela to capture the world's highest falls, but photographing waterfalls is fun and rewarding when you see the results of your efforts in print. Read

Top 5 destinations for photography lovers

Underwater Photography - Perfect exposure

Bird Photography in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle

Bird Photography in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle - Home to more species of birds than anywhere else in the world, Amazonia is bird central. Over 500 species of birds occur at most Amazonian sites and even more species have been recorded in the most bio diverse corners of this incredible forest. One such mega diversity spot is the Tambopata region of south-eastern Peru. Over 600 bird species have been found there including the likes of sombre, forest understory hummingbirds, glittering, jewel-like tanagers and cotingas that keep to the tall canopy, and shockingly gaudy macaws and parrots. Read

Find your voice as a photographer

5 Steps to Better Macro Photography

How to Photograph Light Trails - Technique

Motion and action photography Motion and action photography - For the most part, the world around us is in motion. Some things move slowly while some move faster. Slow moving things are plants, turtles, snails etc. Fast moving things are baseballs, cars, ocean waves etc. As photographers we thrive to capture every detail and display it via our photos. We want to capture these movements and motions to make our work more creative. The process of freezing motion and movement is called action photography. After you decide what you want to shoot you must decide how you want it to appear in your photo. In other words you want to know how to convey the motion to the viewers. There are two ways of conveying... Read

Photographers Model Release

5 Things to consider before sharing photos and video online

Photographing Monuments

African Safari Photography best destinations

African Safari Photography Best Five Destinations - Good wildlife safari photography is not only about composition and camera equipment because you first need to find your subjects before you can even lift your camera. This best five African wildlife destinations list helps you do that. Once you have been going on wildlife photography safaris in Africa for a number of years you begin to realise and recognise that certain areas are better than others for generating good animal picture opportunities on a consistent basis. The ranking is based on over twenty years of my safari photography experience, forums, countless trip reports and travel journals, travel magazines and prevailing wisdom in the Africa travel industry. Read

Twilight Adventures for Landscape Photographers

Taking Photos of Light Trails

Photography - How to stay inspired

Travel Photography - photos that sell

Travel photos that sell - It may seem a glamorous lifestyle to travel the world, photographing its huge variety of cultures and landmarks, but it is also an expensive lifestyle. Most photographers, professional and amateur, must fund their trips out of their own pockets. To continue doing this, it goes without saying that the photos you take along the way need to be saleable to sustain a business. This article takes a short look at the types of photos that are popular with image buyers. Read

Wild Bird Photography in the Garden


Photography Rules of Composition

Insect Photography

Insect photography - Photographing insects although not glamorous sounding, can be rewarding and easy if you plan your shot and research locations, habits and ecosystems. Most insects have short life spans. From days or weeks most will only be available during short times during the year. The first step is to decide what types of insects you are looking to photograph. Do they live near water, are they diurnal or nocturnal, what attracts them, as well as the time of the year. Some insects are primarily adapted to a season and will only be readily visible then. Read

Night and Low light Photography

Photographing Water

Taking Photos at Night

Macro photography on your southern african safari

Macro Photography on your Southern African Safari - As nature photographers we photographs mammals, birds, landscapes and macros. Macro photography simply means photographing small subjects, such as insects, flowers or reptiles at life-size or greater magnification.The four most famous southern African game reserves of Kruger, Kgalagadi, and Pilanesberg in South Africa as well as Etosha in Namibia provide great opportunities for macro photography. Read

Night Photography: Photographing the Moon

Taking black and white photos

High Dynamic Range Photography

Convert Photos and Videotapes into digital format

Photo Art Using a Scanner

Aerial Kite Photography

Photographing the Universe through a telescope


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